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Top 10 Foods To Achieve A Flat Tummy

a woman jumping You have been working so hard at the gym these past months and you’ve been cutting down on all those so-called fatty food in your diet to lose weight, to look better and to feel great about yourself. While you have lost some weight and the rest of your body has slimmed down you just cannot seem to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. You feel like no matter how hard you exercise, it just would not budge. It’s sticking out like a pouch and you are starting to feel frustrated.

The most effective way to gain a flat stomach is by following a healthy, low-calorie diet and taking regular exercise. However, if you feel like you are already doing this but your belly fat is still there, you need to try incorporating some particular foods to help tone your tummy. According to health and nutrition experts, these foods aid in water retention and help to stave off cravings. In addition to that, they also help boost your metabolism and keep you feel full longer. As icing on the cake, they taste great too.

Another way to effectively and quickly lose belly fat is the Palio diet, which has been shown to also be highly effective in improving one’s overall health and limit the risk of some serious illnesses such as diabetes.

Here Are The Top Ten Best Foods For A Flat Tummy:

1.) Almonds

These nuts taste delicious, they contain protein and fibre, and as a bonus, they are also rich in vitamin E that helps nourish your skin and is rich in antioxidants. Because of its high fiber content, it keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time and gives you the energy that you need for a long day. So add some almonds to your breakfast cereal or swap your usual mid-morning snack to a handful of almonds and you will soon see the difference.

2.) Leafy green vegetables

spinach leavesThis is probably one of the quickest ways to get rid of that stubborn tummy fat. Try vegetables like spinach, kale and romaine lettuce all of which are low in calories but full of fiber. Compared to other vegetables, green leafy ones provide you with several essential vitamins and minerals that prevent water retention. In addition to that, they keep you full without that uncomfortable bloated feeling like other vegetables do.

3.) Oats

A woman eating

Oats are known for its power to lower one’s cholesterol levels. However, it is also popular for helping you achieve a toned tummy. Why? Oats are so filling that having a bowl every morning combined with fruits will be enough to power you throughout the day. You feel energised and fuller for a longer period of time thereby minimising cravings.

4.) Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in antioxidants that not only cleanse your body but also inhibit the absorption of fat. According to nutrition experts, it is a fantastic metabolism stimulator that aids in faster weight loss. It functions by flushing out excess fluids thereby easing out any bloating around the stomach. If you just had a huge meal, it is best to finish it with a cup of warm green tea.

5.) Apple Cider Vinegar

a woman with big pantsThe vinegar functions as a digestive tonic that helps get rid of harmful bacteria in your intestines. It flushes out toxins and helps prevent water retention. A lot of people who are looking for a quick body detox incorporate apple cider vinegar in their foods. You can use it to add flavour to vegetables while cooking or you can drizzle a few tablespoons to your fresh green salad.

6.) Cranberry Juice

What’s a better alternative to your typical early morning orange juice? Try swapping it with Cranberry juice. It is rich in vitamin C and functions excellently as a diuretic.

7.) Tomatoes

They are juicy and delicious and they are some of the best fat-busting foods that are easily available in the market. Studies show that tomatoes help reduce water retention and inflammation. More importantly, it is also known to function by reversing leptin resistance. Leptin is a type of protein that assists in regulating one’s metabolism and appetite.

8.) Quinoa

Quinoa is known as a complete grain that contains protein, fibre, vitamin B as well as complex carbohydrates. If you love eating potatoes, rice or bread with your usual lunch or dinner, try swapping it with quinoa instead. Whole grains like quinoa helps you boost your metabolism and helps your burn fat faster too.

9.) Natural yogurt

Yogurt contains essential probiotics that aid digestion. It helps you achieve a flat tummy by easing that bloated feeling in your stomach. Just make sure to go for low-fat or natural yogurt instead of ones that are artificially made with lots of flavouring.

10.) Salmon and mackerel

Having at least two to three servings of salmon or mackerel a week is an excellent way of toning your tummy and is great for a balanced diet. They are packed with Omega 3 which are essential for proper brain functioning. They are also rich in protein and low in saturated fats. As a bonus, salmon is easily available and convenient to cook. Simply steam or grill it and drizzle with lemon juice for a deliciously satisfying belly-flattening meal.

How to Eat for a Flat Belly in 5 Days

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