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Paleohacks Cookbook Review | Do The Recipes Live Up To The Hype?

paliohacks recipe book imageAccording to many sources, the only diet programme that works to help one remain energetic, lean and strong is the Paleo diet which is also known as ‘The caveman diet’. It is based on the simple principle of what is good for a caveman is going to be good for you! It is a discipline to live as our distant ancestors did by foraging for seeds, natural vegetables, and hunting for meat and fish. This philosophy of eating in a natural way is becoming increasingly popular, and thankfully we will not have to go and hunt and forage ourselves, and luckily we have help with the PaleoHacks Cookbook – See it here.

The Paliohacks Recipe Cookbook Review – Our Take On It

Whenever someone embarks on a weight-loss program these days, they are invariably faced with the boring principal of calorie counting. This after time not only becomes tedious, especially if eating out, but also of little use because calories vary between many foods. An example of this is the high levels of calories found in some snack foods which are equivalent in number to vegetables but also contain high levels of ingredient that has an adverse effect on our weight.

During the last few decades, more and more research has been undertaken into the rise of modern-day illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. The evidence is pointing to our intake of refined foods, some of  which are full of sugar, sucrose and Tran’s fats. There is also rising evidence that more serious diseases such as cancer and Parkinson’s have their roots in what we eat.

The paleo diet is totally different because it is based on the evolutionary process that our ancestors underwent that forms our present genetics. In those bygone days, everything was natural which is proven to have a positive influence on our overall health. There is a balanced ratio of fatty acids linked to carbohydrates and protein which increases the vitamin and nutrient values. The PaleoHacks cookbook hi-lights these benefits which can be clearly seen as you scan through the pages of interesting recipes.

Just because our ancestors eat like this does not mean that diet is the main cause of modern-day illnesses. Some experts vary in their opinion of the benefits of this diet. However, as with most topics, there is always a difference of opinion. A recent study concluded that over a three month test period there was more of an improvement in sugar levels with a caveman diet compared with a low-fat dairy and oils of a Mediterranean type diet.

The main point of this diet is to focus on eating as the cave man did. Eating foods like vegetables and fruit that are fresh from the ground. Most nutritional experts agree with this as chemicals and pesticides did not exist years ago and research is ongoing into how damaging to our health these chemicals can be. That is why before eating vegetables they must be properly washed to remove any contamination.

As was stated earlier, the caveman diet is becoming increasingly popular, and you can now link up with people of like minds on forums and even Facebook to discuss topical issues surrounding the caveman philosophy. This seems a unique factor not present with other here today, gone tomorrow type diets. However, the Palio diet is different and the PalioHacks Cookbook can certainly help you. Check it out here

When you choose to go Paleo it will mean making a concerted effort to give up on most packaged products. Other no no’s like dairy, grains, and products with added salt as well as things like peanuts, lentils, and soybeans. It may sound a bit drastic but the Paleo cookbook compensates this with interesting alternatives. An example, for instance, is that alcohol and honey are not considered Paleo; however honey is much better for you than sugar and red wine, in moderation if you take a drink.

Anyone who has been on a diet before knows that see-saw effect of trying to balance weight with lifestyle. The Paleo is no different; it is a change of attitude and a continuation after you have achieved your target weight. When you start feeling better in yourself you will want to do more. Exercise is essential to allow your body to be how it should. Like the cave man, who had to be continuously moving, food is a fuel and balancing the right food intake with proper exercise is the basis for lasting good health.

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Let’s discuss the benefits of the Paleo Hacks Cookbook

The contents of this cookbook are for anyone who is serious about attaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving better digestion, leaner muscles, and a lithe body. Also trying to avoid the risk of disease and enhancing the chances of clearer thinking and staving off the chances of degenerative brain complaints. A lot of people who try to diet fail because of boring unappetizing meals that they do not look forward to preparing or eating. This cookbook is different because it shows in over 125 recipes how to prepare delicious meals in minutes.

According to this cookbook, anyone following the recipes is capable of benefiting from a healthier lifestyle with a renewed sense of energy and vitality. Reports by many people have suggested a stronger immune system, increased muscle mass replacing fat tissue, clearer and smoother skin, clear eyes, and more alert thinking. The benefits go on, but everyone is different, but with the help of this cookbook targets should be easily reached and surpassed.

This easily downloadable cookbook has been researched and formulated by people following this lifestyle who want to help others achieve their inner potential with some of the results they have attained themselves. The recipes include main meals, salads, desserts, and snacks, giving you a large choice and variety to keep you from becoming bored. Sweet potato slices, tuna patties and lots of other delicious meals and snacks to help you keep motivated.

The team that has compiled the recipes from this cookbook is very aware that everyone is not an expert TV chef and the menus are displayed in easy to read and easy to prepare format. So, even if you have a busy work-life, there are quick and easy dishes to prepare. The main thing to bear in mind is; what are we if we do not have our health or we are lethargic from carrying too much weight? A healthy future is available to you when you buy the Paleo Hacks Cookbook. This also comes with 5 bonus gifts of additional manuals worth $135.00.

These 5 manuals are an invaluable asset to help you conquer the two main reasons why people do not stick to a diet i.e. guilt and frustrations caused by feeling inadequate at social gatherings and the momentum and self-discipline needed to get into a routine to complete the course. The cookbook will help you to become the person you always wanted to be with a more confident outlook on life. If you are not a Paleo kitchen pro within two months you can claim a full refund.

Benefits recognized in this Cookbook

  • Recipes that with clear easy to read and easy to prepare instructions that anyone can follow, so mistakes can be avoided.
  • A wide range of tasty recipes; so you can avoid getting bored, and which will bring variety to your meals.
  • All the ingredients are chosen to help you feel full and to stop the craving to snack on unhealthy food items that will reverse all the good work you have achieved.
  • All the recipes contain only organic food ingredients which are a bonus for anyone with a gluten allergy.
  • The Paleo Hacks cookbook comes with a money back guarantee should you not be completely delighted.

If there is one criticism to the cookbook it is that it does not come with pictures to show in glorious color the mouth-watering creations. However, once the dishes have been sampled an image of satisfaction will remain in the mind to reinforce the good that you are doing for your health. The inclusion of the five bonus books easily compensates for lack of pictorials.

For anyone wanting to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy the Paleo Hacks Cookbook is a great resource. It can be purchased from and I feel it has been one of my most helpful and important purchases on my journey to fitness. While ‘Experts’ argue over the best way to diet it is obvious to any sane person that cutting out the pre-packaged foods and substituting with a natural caveman substitute can only bring long-term benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

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